Ze Frank Returns to Web Video

I’m not sure if he wanted this to be shared, but now that Tumblr has gotten hold of it, why not.

If you don’t know who this guy is, you really should. Ze Frank basically invented the video blog, and is the cause of literally every money-making video channel on YouTube. In 2006-7, he made ‘The Show,’ a daily news vlog, that is still the best bit of jump-cutting the web has ever seen. He inspired Hank & John Green, Philip DeFranco, and countless other bloggers. 

Here’s the preview to his return to web video—a diary entry letting us know how he’s feeling going into the new project. It’s cool, revealing, and as always, inspirational. 

I’m unspeakably pumped.

More of Ze’s silliness:

Ze Frank, returning once more to think, so you don’t have to.